Monday, July 22, 2024


Whether you run a small business or the IT department of a massive enterprise, you can have confidence in these desktop PCs' reliability, ease of use and productivity - not to mention their green appeal.

Choose from multiple form factors, then let these tools of business do the rest.


The ThinkPad offers a comprehensive computing solution with a sleek design and reliable performance.

Simplicity, Lenovo reliability, sophisticated design and powerful computing make the ThinkPad the essential notebook solution for today's mobile users.


ThinkServer tower servers provide the performance, reliability, and easy-to-use tools to manage your file/print and point-of-sale workloads.

New ThinkServers will improve IT operations by reducing costs, improving security, increasing workload capacity with fewer servers that use much less space and power while upping reliability.


A professionally refurbished computer gives you peace of mind and with genuine Windows 7 operating system software preinstalled, this helps make your PC simpler and easier to use.

A refurbished PC is a great value when you buy from a member of a Microsoft Refurbisher program - plus you have the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.